Design, analysis and assembly of the constructive systems of this elements, very used in Industrial Installations, following the Industrial Safety regulations to make it safe for the use by the workers.


The design of platforms, railings and ladders must ensure the safety of the users, and at the same time be practical, simple and easy access. Despite the complexity and variability, it is studied and analyzed each case to give our client a real and specific solution to the problem.

Consideration of standard EN-ISO 14122 (Permanent means of access to machinery), or other harmonized Standards of application.

The processes or steps to follow up, could be:

2.1.- INITIAL EVALUATION: Examination /Audit of the installation, in order to get its characteristics, measurements, design, drawings…etc. This means that it will be analyzed its state, and all documentation available as well.

2.2.-DEVELOPMENT OF THE TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION FILE: DISTEC along with the company, will develop a file or technical construction file, that will cover the following different parts:

  • Risk assessment, using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) method or similar
  • ANALISIS of the Essential Requirements of Health and Safety
  • Loading tests, if necessary
  • Detailed design and manufacturing drawings.
  • Results of the calculations made in the design, and checking made as well.
  • Compliance of regulations: EN-ISO 14122, Directive 2001/95/CE (General product safety) and other standards of application.

2.3.-IMPLEMENTATION OF WORK: Mechanical works of platforms, railings, ladders, etc.., until it is operative. Also, load tests will be done, if necessary.