Design and analyze the changes to develop at any production line or process already assembled, to modify on site or move to a different place, where it was from the beginning, it could be in the same manufacturing facilities or in other different.


The implementation of changes in the lay-out of production lines is complex (due to a big variety of casuistry), and it could follow up the next steps:

2.1.- INITIAL EVALUATION: Examination /Audit of the production line in order to know its characteristics, measurements, design, drawings…etc. It will be analyzed the state of the line, and all documentation available as well.

2.2.-DEVELOPMENT OF THE TECHNICAL PROJECT: DISTEC along with the company, will develop a file or technical project, that will contain the following different parts:

  • Detailed design drawings, manufacturing drawings, top views, foundations, ditch, …
  • Wiring / hydraulic/ pneumatic/ diagrams of the installation.
  • Results of calculations made.
  • Compliance of Industrial Safety regulations

2.3.-IMPLEMENTATION OF WORKS: Transfer of machinery, development of new ditch, foundations, installation of electrical cabinets, etc… to make sure all operates correctly in the new location.