Application of the standards EN 12100 & ISO/TR 14121-2 for the risk assessment of machines, and the reduction of risks.


The business owner or manufacturer of a machine has the obligation to:

-Assess the risk arising from the dangers related to machines…= Risk assessment

-Design and manufacturing the machines according to the risk assessment done…= Risk reduction

DISTEC can offer the study and evaluation of the risks to bring different solutions to this type of problems.

On the basis of safety integration principles, and applying the rules referred to, we act in the following way:

– Functional performance without risks to the users. Design and manufacture of equipment:
– Functional/ operative machine
– Management, setting and maintenance without risks.
– Considering expected conditions and foreseeable inappropriate use
– Considering lifetime of the equipment (transport, assembly, disassembly, removal and end of lifetime (by-product, waste))

-By applying the principles of:

– Removing or reducing risks
– Protection of risk not removed
– Concerning remaining risk
– Doing specific and special training, as well as use of PPE
– Concerning the inconvenience in the use of EPI´s
– Development of instructions about contraindications of use
– Delivery of the work equipment + accessories+ additional equipment…etc.