Development and implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, in case the company wants to get certified by accredited certifying body.


The steps to follow up in the implementation of the IMS to get the previous objective defined are the following:

2.1 PRESENTATION of the project:  It will be presented to the top management and different departments.

2.2 INITIAL EVALUATION:  A study of the current and real scenario of the company will be done.

2.3 ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: In case some of the mandatory licenses are not available, the environmental department of DISTEC is able to develop and process the documentation not available.

2.4 DOCUMENTATION DEVELOPMENT: It will consist of: integrated policy, procedures, instructions, leadership, risk assessment, and everything needed to define and control the activity.

2.5 FIRST STAGE OF IMPLEMENTATION: The documentation defined and approved by the top management of the company, is available to be implemented.

2.6 SECOND STAGE OF IMPLEMENTATION: Once all documentation is defined, approved and implemented, then the company is ready to overcome the certification audit, with enough time to master the last procedures defined and implemented.

2.7 INTERNAL AUDIT: Once the whole system (Second stage) is implemented, an Internal audit will be developed to:

  • Check the system compliance to the standard requirements.
  • Compliance of the quality requirements, environmental requirements, and health and safety requirements, that require to do Internal Audits.
  • Contact with the certifying body, depending on the results.

2.8 BEGINNING OF THE PROCESS OF CERTIFICATION: DISTEC will collaborate with the Company / Firm, to solve doubts and concepts before the audit by the certifying body, if the company wishes it. Once the company is certified, DISTEC´s role will end up.