Application of regulation (EC) 1272/2008, and others related to warehousing of chemical products, that detail the technical requirements of chemical products storage, periodical revisions and inspections, etc.


The regulations of Chemical Product Warehousing must be applied in the case of new storage installations, extensions, or major modifications on the current ones.

DISTEC has qualified technicians to develop technical projects for the validation of chemical product warehouses, according to the regulations and Technical instructions.

There are different Technical Instructions, depending on the type of product, such as: inflammable/combustible, corrosive, toxic, peroxide organic, mobile containers, chlorine, ethylene oxide…

The technical Project will contain the following documents:

– Technical dossier
– Schedule of conditions
– Detailed Drawings, diagrams and breakdowns.
– Basic studies of safety (Coordination of works)
– Quotations of works implementation.
– Regulations and standards to apply.
– Evidences of compliance of regulation requirements.
– List and identification of stored products.
– Maintenance instructions/ checking of the warehouse.
– Instructions for use.
– Etc.