Work equipment adaptation and audits according to Directive 89/655/CEE

//Work equipment adaptation and audits according to Directive 89/655/CEE
Work equipment adaptation and audits according to Directive 89/655/CEE2018-07-05T15:01:37+00:00


The objective is the study (safety audit) applied to the work equipment manufactured before year 1995, and the adaptation to the safety requirements set out in the Directive 89/655/CE and/or Directive 2009/104/CE, concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers at work.


The three stages to follow for the adaptation of machines, and to comply with Directive 89/655/CE & Directive 2009/104/CE, are the following:

1.- Development of the “1st safety audit on site to work equipment”: It shall be carried out by a qualified senior technician in health and safety, and competent technicians, supported by workers of the company that know about the operation of the equipment. It must be checked:

  • The equipment is audited when the machine is running, never shutdown
  • Checking every safety component installed
  • Compliance of general requirements according to annex I of directive 89/655/CE
  • Existence of a preventive maintenance planning in the company
  • Accomplish the obligations of verification of work equipment

At the end of the audit an initial audit report is delivered: a unique report is created for every work equipment, about the detected deviations, and judgment of the conformity or nonconformity, supported by digital images. Besides, it is created a general manual or good practices about machine safety.

  1. Machine adaptation to the initial audit report: The adaptation of these machines, following the initial audit report, will be done by:
  • DISTEC’s own workshops


  1. DevelopMENT of THE 2nd safety audit”:

It consists in doing the checking audit of the work equipment, and if the deviations (nonconformities) found in the 1st audit are fixed, then a final certifying report is done, for each work equipment. Besides, it will be done or adapted a general instruction manual of the machine.

According to Spanish legislation, all work equipment manufactured before 01-01-1995 (old equipment), and operated in a work station, will be regulated according to the directive 89/655/CE. It is not required the placement of any identification mark, in other words, it will not have CE marking.