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The objective is avoiding and limiting risks, also incident protection able to reproduce damage in people, vegetation, wildlife and the environment, originated from the industrial activity, as a result of warranting safety and protection to the workers.


It is essential and mandatory to all business owners, and it becomes a relevant task within our company working with the client’s employees, to develop a study and analysis of the equipment/ system (safety audit “on site”, analysis of documentation, etc.), whose goal is to develop a full industrial safety project, that can consider among other points:

  • Machine substantial modifications
  • Modifications of processes/lines – layout
  • Drawings design and calculations.
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams
  • Operating instructions
  • Control systems, Performance Level (PL) required
  • Definition of safety elements to apply (mechanic, electrical, electronic, pneumatic….)
  • Study and solutions to: pressure, energy, radiation, toxic and corrosive products ….)
  • Concerning the environment: emissions, leaks, revisions, waste, noise…..
  • Concerning to 4.0 industry
  • Regulations and New Approach Directives, as well as harmonized standards, specific standards, etc.

In the implementation of this industrial safety projects, it is really important the teamwork with the client´s employees (if not, the project will not be implemented). Also the planning of the project is agreed by both sides.