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Design and study of industrial facilities, mainly industrial premises of metallic and concrete structure.


The design of Industrial facilities, with and without bridge crane, is complex (due to a big variety of casuistry) and it could follow up the next steps:

1.- INITIAL EVALUATION: It is about an initial examination in order to know its needs, features, design, drawings, licenses, etc., that the client need, to develop a project with the documentation required.

2.-DEVELOPMENT OF THE TECHNICAL PROJECT: DISTEC, in collaboration with the company, will develop a file or technical project, that will cover the following different parts:

  • Regulations to apply.
  • Mechanical structural calculations
  • Design of the building
  • Detailed drawings of construction
  • Calculations and design of bridge cranes.
  • Load testing, if necessary
  • Risk assessment, using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) method or similar.
  • Licenses needed: City of council, water, fire protection, environmental…
  • Means of access: ladders, railings, attics, …
  • Validation by official engineering association

3.-IMPLEMENTATION OF WORKS: Construction works of the facilities, Coordination of worksite, Load testing, stability test, …, to make sure all operates correctly.